You are required by law to keep your car in a roadworthy condition if you use the car on the road. An MOT test checks that the vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. Without a valid MOT, your car insurance and road tax get invalidated.

Air Conditioning Service
Our AC service starts from £59.00. We will drain and refill the unit, and perform a inspection of the air conditioning unit, to ensure the unit performs at its best. Ask for a quote as depends on how much gas is injected all vehicles have different.

New Tyres
We stock a wide range of tyres both branded and budget from the small saloon up to performance cars and quite a few 4×4 tyres also. If we do not have the size you require in stock we can usually obtain them very soon.

We offer a general service, this could be Interim a full service, annual reminder, cambelt replacement and much more.

Cambelt Fitting Timing belts and Cambelt Fitting timing chains should be replaced at the correct service intervals; especially on interference (most diesel) engines as belt wear causing incorrect timing may result in a very expensive repair bill.

When it comes to fitting a new clutch, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a same day service in most circumstances. If you feel like something isn’t quite right, call us today before the problem worsens.

The exhaust system is an important component of your vehicle. Firstly, the exhaust helps to direct noxious gases away from the cabin, so you will not be exposed to gases that can harm your immediate and long term health.

Tired steering gear will render your car almost undriveable in the most serious cases. We rectify all faults by manufacturing and fitting a new steering nut together with sector shaft bushes and rubber oil seals.

The useful life of a shock or strut is roughly 50,000 miles. In that period, your vehicle’s shocks and struts will have cycled over 85 million times causing potential wear and tear on their internal components.

Your brakes are the most important safety-critical system fitted to your vehicle and it’s essential that they are inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good working order.